Packing List

When you embark on a trip into the wilderness and leave the comforts and convieniences of home behind, you need to make sure you are well-prepared. After all, you wouldn't want to be miles away from from civilization only to find out that it is going to dip into the 30's overnight and you only brought shorts and a short sleeve shirt. Likewise, you wouldn't want to spend several days on the trail and realize you didn't pack enough food or that you forgot your water filter. Prior to any trip you need to do some careful planning to determine what your needs will be and make sure you have it in your backpack before you leave. I know that prior to my first hike I spent a couple weeks contemplating what to pack. After the first trip I realized I had no need for a few of the items I had packed, but discovered that there were a couple things I wished I had thought to bring. While everyone will have their own ideas of what to pack, most people's lists will have several items in common. The following list is intended to serve as a general guide, especially for people who are new to hiking/backpacking, and shows the gear I usually pack for a week-long hiking trip. Some things on my list are usually considered "luxury" or non-essential items but I have found them to be worth the extra weight.


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