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If you've used a computer long enough you know that many programs allow the user to change the look of the application by way of skins. This web site is the same way. Let's face it, not everyone has the same taste when it comes to colors and styles whether it's clothing or computers. Have you ever visited a web site and thought that the color scheme should be something entirely different but, you had no way to change it? Well, feel free to change the look of my site by changing the style sheet used to display the pages. Just click on one of the links below to make the change. The only thing you need to know is that your browser must be set to accept cookies. With cookies enabled your chosen style will apply to all other pages on this site as opposed to only this page. I do not believe in tracking visitors or selling personal information to others. Therefore, the only information the cookie contains is the style sheet you selected and a timeout which will reset the stylesheet to the default after a certain number of days have passed. Enjoy!

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