My Favorite Firefox Extensions

I stopped using Internet Explorer quite some time ago and began using Firefox. One thing I really enjoy about Firefox is the tabbed browsing feature. Another nice feature is the ability to add new functionality by installing extensions created by other users. There are a lot of extensions available so I decided to post links to some of my favorites.

This allows Firefox to turn plain-text URLs and e-mail addresses into actual links.
Nuke Anything
Use this plugin to temporarily remove elements from a web page, especially useful for removing items from a page before printing it.
Scrapbook helps you save web pages, organize them and manage your collections. This plugin has a lot of features, too many to describe here, so check out the website for more information.
FxIF (Firefox exIF)
With this Firefox extension you have the ability to view some of the EXIF data contained in certain images. To access the information, right-click on an image and then click on "Properties".
Secure Password Generator
If you find it difficult to create a good, solid, secure password then this extension should help you. You determine how many character the password should be and what types of characters should be used to create it. Once created it allows you to transfer it to the clipboard.
Plain Old Favorites
This extension allows users to access and use their Favorites from Internet Explorer directly from Firefox and when you bookmark a site you can do it through Plain Old Favorites so the next time you use Internet Explorer the new site(s) will be there.
Now you can receive weather forecasts and radar images directly from® through your Firefox browser. Add various profiles that you can switch between, change the location where the results are displayed, how many days you want forecasts for and many more options.
MozBackup makes it easy for you to create backups of profiles on Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, SeaMonkey and Mozilla Suite. With this extension you can backup bookmarks, mail, contacts, history, extensions and the cache.
This extension will display a colored bar inside the address field of your browser. The bar grows in length as the page loads thus giving you a graphical representation as to how much of the web page has loaded.
This extension displays the IP address of the current web page in the status bar and adds additional functionality like whois lookup and others.
Tab Effect
Tab Effect produces a nice page turning effect when you switch from one tab to another.
Super DragAndGo
Super DragAndGo allows you to open a link in a new tab simply by clicking on the link and then dragging it to an empty space on the web page.
Colorful Tabs
Every time a new tab is opened it is shaded in a different color to help the tabs stand out a bit more than the default color.
View Source Chart
This is a handy extension for web developers. The HTML tag boundaries of a website are displayed on the webpage itself making it easier to see how the page has been layed out.
X-Ray allows you to see the various HTML tags on the webpage without having to examine the code itself.

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