:::::: Computers ::::::
The Screen Savers
By far, my favorite T.V. show, Kevin and Alex really put together interesting shows. The web site is also nice and usually covers the same topics discussed on the show. There are how-to-tips, product reviews, quizes, contests, and a chat room. You can also have the notes and links from each broadcast e-mailed to you after the show.
The Kim Komando Radio Show®
Kim has a weekly radio broadcast which covers various topics about computers and the internet, and she also answers questions phoned in by her callers. She can be heard on 97.1 FM in the metro Detroit area.
PC Mike
Hosted by Mike Wendland, author and former investigative reporter for WDIV Channel 4 in Detroit. Mike has a weekly radio show about anything dealing with home computers and the internet.
Shields Up
Stop by the Gibson Research Corporation and run the Shileds Up test on your computer and internet connection. This will run a test on your computer to see if it can locate any open ports. An open port could allow someone to gain access to your computer and the contents of your hard drive. This site will preform the test over a secure connection so that if it finds any security problems or risks they wont be open for anyone to see. Take the test, you just may be surprised by what it finds.
SARC Virus Hoaxes
CIAC Internet Hoaxes
Check out these sites before you send all the people on your e-mail list a copy of the message you just received about the latest killer virus or the newest offer that sounds to good to be true -- chances are it is just a hoax.
The Internet Wayback Machine
Visit the internet the way it used to be. Go to this site and enter the address of your favorite web site. This site will then list several years of archived versions of that site. Check out what Yahoo or Microsoft looked like many years ago.

:::::: Photography And Photoblog Sites ::::::
Digital Photography Review
When I did research before buying my first digital camera (Canon G6) this is the site I kept coming back to. It has one of the most comprehensive lists and reviews of digital cameras I have seen. They are unbiased and review each camera by looking at every aspect and function of the cameras. They also have forums where you can read comments by other digital camera users and post questions you may have. My favorite part of this site is the Canon Talk Forum but they have many others to choose from.
Fred's Airshow Journal
A site with a ton of awesome air show photos taken by Fred Bruenjes.
Dustin Hardwick's Photo Gallery
General photoblog site with categories such as: Wildlife, Flora, SanDiego, Landscape and Urban.
Gail Bork's Photo Gallery
Quietly Wild
Dan Urbanski is a resident of Silver City, Michigan and much of his work showcases some of Michigan's most scenic areas, such as the Porcupine Mountains, Isle Royale and Lake Superior to name a few. This site has some excellent photography.
David Lamarra's Photo Diary
Weather Photography
This is an excellent site for people who enjoy weather photography. There are a lot of nice photos as well as many tips and tutorials for taking weather photos. Definitely a must see site!
Understanding Histograms
An excellent tutorial about what a histogram is and how to use it.
Digital Photography Tutorials
A nice site with several mini tutorials relating to digital photography and taking better pictures.
Chris Cook Photography
The photo gallery of Chris Cook. He has a lot of nice photos, but in my opinion, some of his best photos are in his Weddings & Portraits gallery. Very nice work.
Joe Orman's Photo Pages
Joe Orman seems to specialize in astrophotography but also has galleries pertaining to other subjects. One feature on his site that I found to be especially helpful is his twilight exposure table.
Tchuanye's Photo Gallery
Joe Orman seems to specialize in astrophotography but also has galleries pertaining to other subjects. One feature on his site that I found to be especially helpful is his twilight exposure table.
Michael Shpuntov's Photo Gallery
A nice photo site with quite a few different galleries including nature, people, black and white, macro shots and more.
Jeffrey Klassen
Very nice photos, as well as an awesome menu system.

:::::: Web Authoring ::::::
The Web Design Resource
Designing a web page? Looking for a source for free graphics and pre-written scripts? Look no further, just click on the link above to visit The Web Design Resource page. You'll also find design articles and background images here.
JavaScript Tip Of The Week Archive
This site is no longer being updated, but it does have 30 pre-written JavaScripts to check out, each with it's own examples and full source code. There is also a link to a more current and updated page of JavaScripts.
As the name implies, there are all types of free web graphics, wallpaper, fonts, and backgrounds. This site also has quite a few free graphics programs and some tutorials on how to create your own graphics.
3D Text Maker
Want to create a nice looking 3D banner or 3D text but don't know how? Visit this site and pick your font, font size, color and various animation variables from drop-down lists. After you've made your selections press the button and the site creates your text or banner which you can then save to your computer.

:::::: Cascading Style Sheets ::::::
Mandarin Design
This is one of my favorite sites for CSS design and layout tips. The site has a ton of cut and paste code that you can incorporate into your site. It is a "must visit" site for web designers who use CSS in their sites.
CSS Layout Techniques
An excellent site for CSS layouts.
CSS Zen Garden
An outstanding site that shows the usefullness and flexibilty of CSS design and layouts.
The Layout Reservoir
Here is another site with free templates to various 2 and 3 column web site layouts.
The CSS Forum
If you're new to the world of Cascading Stle Sheets then this site should help you out. Post questions or read replies from other forum visitors about various CSS topics. I visited this site myself a few times when I ran into problems designing my site.

:::::: Wallpaper & Graphics ::::::
Digital Blasphemy
This is my favorite wallpaper/3D rendered site. There are quite a few galleries with very nice images.
Visual Paradox
Another wallpaper site I highly recommend. I check this one every couple days.
Plasma Design
Check this out for more great wallpaper.
Illusions of Reality
Very nice 3D wallpaper.
Softshape Wallpapers
Excellent site with a few hundred beautiful wallpapers and images.
Barry's Clipart Server
Barry's Clipart Server is one of those well-known sites when it comes to clipart. If you are looking for something specific, try here. The site is divided into categories which cover all kinds of themes.
Fonts and Things
Looking for an interesting or unique font but don't have it on your computer? Visit the Fonts and Things website you'll probably find something here that will get your attention.
TWS 3D Art
Lots of nice computer-generated images.
Shifted Reality
Surreal 3D images and wallpaper.
Images by Michiel de Boer
Nice gallery of pictures created with Terragen.
Gateway To Nowhere

:::::: Space & Science ::::::
Space Weather Bureau
One of my most frequently checked sites, the Space Weather Bureau web site posts new information every day. One of the nice features is the daily reports on sunspot activity and Coronal Mass Ejections (CME) which have a direct effect on the norhtern lights. It also has a chart showing the probability of viewing the northern lights at mid and high latitudes. The site also posts updated articles about all things space related.
NASA Human Spaceflight
The grand-daddy of all space exploration sites. You could spend a couple days going through all the pages at this site. The NASA site has info on past and present projects and shuttle missions, including updates on the progress of the space station.
Ambit - LIVE NASA Cams
Watch live images of NASA cams and mission display screens during shuttle missions. This is an excellent way to stay informed on the status of current shuttle flights.
HST Pictures Database
A database of Hubble Space Telescope pictures released to the public. You can also visit a link with the most recent discoveries made by the telescope. The color and detail on some of the pictures are amazing.
GSOC Satellite Tracker
Just enter your location on the globe, pick from a list of cities or enter your latitude and longitude, and the computer will display a list of visible satellites passing over your location during a specific time of the day. It also lists the starting, mid-point, and ending elevations, start and end times of each satellite's pass, and also the relative brightness of the satellite.
Abrams Planetarium
The Skywatcher's homepage is an excellent site to visit if you enjoy astronomy. The site has many links to other interesting astronomy sites, clubs and on-line magazines. There is also a lot of useful information, such as sky charts and calendars.
Jack Horkheimer's Star Gazer Page
If you have ever seen the short star gazing updates on PBS then you'll recognize the name Jack Horkheimer. Visit his site for transcripts of each episode and get in-depth information on current and upcoming celestial events.
Nano World
Take a very close look at some common objects; see things through the eye of a scanning electron microscope.

:::::: On The Edge ::::::
Coast To Coast A.M.
Want to explore the odd, the strange, the unbelieveable, or the just plain absurd? Visit Mike's site for a little taste of the bizzare. UFO's, alien abductions, crop circles, chupacabras, and extreme science ideas.
The Black Vault
Read numerous government documents obtained by this high school student under the Freedom Of Informtion Act. The documents reveal how much our government knows about alleged UFO encounters.

:::::: Miscellaneous ::::::
Abandoned Missile Base
Take a virtual walk through the skeletal remains of an abandoned nuclear missile silo. This is a very cool place to visit!
RMS Titanic
An excellent site for people interested in the "unsinkable" Titanic. This site contains maps of the various decks, names and biographies of the crew members and passengers, and a multimedia section containing songs which were played on the Titanic as well as songs made after the sinking.
The Digital Dude
Want to visit an awesome Flash site? The Digital Dude has a great one. Surround sound and great graphics make this site a must see!
NetStock Direct
If you're into the stock market and investing then this is a good place to visit. NetStock Direct has a list of companies which offer a direct stock purchase plan so you can avoid using stock brokers who will charge you a fee for their services.

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