My Photos

My Photos

One of the things I enjoy doing in my spare time is taking pictures. I'm interested mainly in outdoor photography and try to keep my eyes open for a good shot when I have time. It's a hobby that can be very rewarding, especially when the film is developed and one or more of the pictures turned out the way you had hoped. The following are some of my favorite pictures, taken at various places and times of the year. There are only a few pictures here right now but check back periodically to see if new pictures have been posted. Or, visit Brian's Photo Gallery at I will probably be posting more pictures at that site than on this one because it has much more space and allows more creativity with layouts than I have here.

This is a picture of the Tawas Point lighthouse. The lighthouse is 67 feet tall and is still active. It is located on the shore of Lake Huron inside the Tawas State Park in Tawas, MI. I took this picture while on vacation in the summer of 1999. Click HERE to learn more about this lighthouse and other lighthouses on the Great Lakes.

My wife and I took a weekend trip to Traverse City in 1999. Before we went home we drove to the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes, hiked up the dunes and explored some of the trails. I noticed this dead tree at the base of the sand dunes as we were getting ready to leave. I thought the contrast between the dark tree, the dunes, and the blue sky would make an interesting picture.

I took these pictures on December 10, 1997 after a big snow storm. The snow was very wet and clung to tree limbs and branches. All three pictures are of the same tree, but I changed the exposure times for each picture.

I was able to capture this beautiful sunrise photo on May 17, 2000 on my way home from work. The sun was just beginning to rise behind the trees and the whole area was blanketed with a thick fog. The fog really enhanced the glow from the sun and gave the area a surreal look. I was able to snap a few good shots before the sun rose too high and changed the entire feeling of the scene.

I managed to find quite a few geese near a large puddle and tried to take a picture of the entire group. When I attempted to move in closer they became scared and ran for the water. When they finally settled down I saw this baby next to the adult and was able to take a picture before they began to swim away.

In August 2000 my good friend and I had a chance to go backpacking in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. This national park is located along the northern coast of Michigan's Upper Penninsula.  After setting up camp at the Mosquito River group site we walked down to the beach.  The Lake Superior water was pretty cold, but was refreshing after a long, hot day of hiking.  I walked around and explored the beach and the surrounding rock formations and saw this tree leaning over the striated, rocky ledges along the shore.  The sky naturally seems to have a much deeper blue color in the U.P. The color combinations of the sky, the light colored rock and the deep blue waters of Lake Superior made for a great picture.

This picture was taken on May 29, 2003 during a hiking trip at Isle Royale National Park. Feldtmann Lake is a beautiful lake, 1.5 miles long by roughly .5 mile wide and is located near the far west end of the island. I woke up about 7:00 a.m. this morning and the sun was just beginning to rise. The lake was covered by fog which the sun had not yet been burned away and the sky was a nice shade of orange.

June 2, 2003 -- On the long drive back from Isle Royale we stopped to rest for a few hours in Munising, MI. It was about 2:00 a.m. and the northern lights were shimmering in the sky over Grand Island. We stopped in the parking lot near the Grand Island dock and I took a few pictures. My buddy said I should try 'painting' the boat with my small flashlight. While the shutter was open for the long exposure, he covered the boat with light from the small flashlight.

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