Free Pocket PC Applications

Listed below you will find a list of links to my favorite free Pocket PC applications. I also have a page of free Pocket PC games. After each link is a short description of the program.

Airscanner Mobile AntiVirus
With the increased wireless connectivity of PDAs and Smartphones comes an increased threat from virus attacks. Save money, time, and data by protecting your valuable Pocket PC now with Airscanner Mobile AntiVirus Pro. It is easy to install and use. It works quickly and is easy to update via an internet connection.
Vinny Federal Withholding Tax Calculator
Vinny Pocket PC Federal Withholding Tax Calculator 2003 is a Windows .net Compact Framework Pocket PC utility for anyone that wants to calculate federal payroll withholding, Social Security and Medicare taxes.
BatteryWatch is a System tray utility allowing you to quickly tell how much battery life you have left. Why waste valuable Today Screen space on a plugin when you can get the same kind of indicator by just looking at your System Tray. The file is very small and takes very few resources to run.
GeoFinder CE
GeoFinder is an international city database with geographic positions and time zones. It has a database of 1000 places around the world with geographic latitude and longitude as well as details regarding the time zone.
Base Converter
This is a numeric base conversion program. It currently supports Decimal, Hex and Binary bases. A nice feature of the program is that all bases are shown with the current values at the same time.
Pocket DHCP
A handy tool for network administrators.
If you have ever tried to switch quickly between several applications you discover that there is no easy way to do it like you can by pressing Alt+Tab on your desktop computer. Just assign a hardware key to this small file and press that key to cycle through running programs.
Newton IP Calculator
The IP calculator could be a handy tool for an IT person or a network administrator. It makes common time-consuming tasks much easier to deal with. This program will convert IP addresses, display network listings, show MAC addresses and vendor mapping and can design networks with specific numbers of subnets or hosts.
My Tools for PPC
This program adds additional features to the PPC by allowing it to display memory status, battery status, and the current day on title bar area. It also adds a mini calculator and a power-on sound effect.
Pocket Counter
This handy little stop watch offers a large, easy to ready display, timing down to 1/100 of a second, unlimited elapsed and lap timers and other useful features. It will continue to count even when the PPC is turned off and can even export a list of times to Notes or Pocket Word for editing.
Uptime Meter
This is an really nice piece of software for tracking how much time your PPC has been running since it's last battery charge. It shows total number of hours and minutes and list battery usage in a percentage to indicate how much battery life has been used.
Pocket PC I.D. Information
There are times when you need to supply certain information to obtain a software registration number. This program provides any easy way to view your Pocket PC's device name, the CPU serial number, owner name and email.
Power Tap
Power Tap allows the user to shut down the PPC from the screen with a single tap of an icon which also saves wear and tear on the power button. I use this all the time and it works well.
Easy Tweak
A simple utility which allows the user to change several different PPC settings. This works well for people who are afraid or unexperienced with changing settings in the registry.
WIMR is short for Where Is My Ram. It is a very easy utility to use for determining what files are consuming the most storage units on your PPC. It will list files/programs in RAM, ROM or both, in bytes, kilobytes or megabytes and will even allow you to remove programs or run them from the utility itself.
Macromedia Flash Player
Install the Macromedia Flash player to enjoy exciting Flash-enabled web sites and content on the Pocket PC.
Production Date
Not much to say about this one. Just enter the serial number from your Compaq device (iPAQ or desktop) and it will display the production date.
Displays a map of the world with an overlay indicating which areas of the globe are currently in sunlight and which are in shadow. It also displays your home and visiting locations along with the time and date at each location.
This clock program features a digital or analog mode along with a calandar. The clock has an alarm mode which allows the user to display a specific message or play a WMA file. It also has support for landscape mode.

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